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Eggs in a Field




story : Seán Virgo

illustrations : Ryan Price

design and binding : Jason Dewinetz


ISBN 10: 0-9780924-0-6

ISBN 13: 978-0-9780924-0-5



Originally published in an edition of :

26 copies lettered A - Z, including an original drypoint,

chine collé book illustration by Ryan Price**

200 numbered copies

24 copies for private distribution


**Currently available through Wogibi Press


**Set in ITC Golden Type and printed on Mohawk Via Felt Text 80.

Hand-sewn into a Thai Hyacinth flyleaf and 70lb Canford Cover.

Illustrations reproduced from the drypoint orginals. One original

drypoint print included, wrapped in handmade botanical paper and a

Thai Hyacinth band. All protected in an open-ended Canford Cover

envelope and tied with handspun sheep wool yarn.


book : 5.5" x 7.25"

drypoint print : 6" x 7.5"



plus $15 for mailing









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